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Blog: Stop Domestic violence

Stop Domestic violence

Stop Domestic violence

This story is written by Viramya Mishra, a class 12th Science student of Manava Bharti India International School, Dehradun. I liked it, that’s why I am

Viramya Mishra
Viramya Mishra

publishing it here. We should not forget that such incidents are happening even today’s world. See Viramya’s command on language, her style and her hold on the Subject… and her emotions towards the issue… Dr. Purnima Sharma, Secretary General, WOW India

A short story on Domestic violence

It was the morning of 18th September 1985. Vaidehi was following her daily routine by watering the plants in her garden. It was the part of a daily chores, waking up early in the morning, cleaning the house as well as dishes, watering the plants, feeding her pet birds (Canary and Talking Parrot). Parrot would daily say thank you to Vaidehi as she feeds it with some Chana dal and Chili. Canary would chirp, this was her form of saying thank you. Now canary and parrot were the only ones in her whole house who would at least say thanks to her.

Vaidehi lived with her parents, uncle and aunt. Vaidehi’s father was an extremely rude, angry man. He never used to understand Vaidehi’s emotions. As Being a father there was a not even a single emotion he had for his daughter. He was totally emotionless man when it comes to Vaidehi. Her aunt and uncle were same as Vaidehi’s father. “Why would we care about this trash if her own blood doesn’t? ” These were used to be the words of them. This situation was not since Vaidehi’s childhood but it happened because Vaidehi was growing up and she was also the child who would get the property of her grandfather. These all were too minor things in front of the case which used to be the main mandatory part of her each day.

Vaidehi was a very beautiful girl, she used to get many marriage proposals from rich families. Her aunt used to hate it because, their daughter was not good looking or well-mannered enough. Aunt used to cancel all the proposals for Vaidehi, and torture her by abusing her, and giving all the household chores to her. She would not get good enough food to stay healthy, she was daily abused by her father, uncle, aunt, which mentally tortured her. Daily after completing all the work, she used to lock herself and cry for hours, which caused dark circles under her eyes, unhappiness and stale food was causing dullness and hair fall to her skin. Sumitra (Vaidehi’s aunt) used to do all possible things to destroy her.

Vaidehi’s mother Kashi who was the real owner of the house was in a shocking state. She was kept and considered as the maid of their house. She also went through all this after she got married to Sameer (Vaidehi’s father), but was unable to stop this torture which was happening with her daughter. Earlier when Kashi was pregnant i.e., when she carried Vaidehi inside her belly, Kashi was blackmailed by Sameer that he would kill the baby by giving her Rat Kill pills if she does not do as directed by the family members. Actually, Sameer’s family was narrow minded people they didn’t liked educated women as wives. Now same thing was happening with Vaidehi but for a different reason.

Vaidehi was tolerable enough but she was not able to see her mother in such a situation. One day when Sameer was extremely drunk, he took

off his belt and started beating Kashi unconsciously, which made tremendous marks on her body. Now this was the alarming sign for Vaidehi as well as Kashi. Day by day situations were getting worse and finally the day came when Kashi became mentally unstable and unfortunately was send to Agra’s Mental Asylum. That day Vaidehi almost became numb. She decided to take a big and final step and she ran away to police station. She gained courage and filed complaint against, each one of them. Police punished Vaidehi’s family under the section 498A of Indian Penal code according to the criminal law (Second Amendment).

This was the case of 1985, but now a days also domestic violence has not stopped. It’s been 2023, we have come so far and still some areas of India are deeply narrow minded and attempt domestic violence without thinking twice. It is said that approximately 30% of women are beaten up by their husbands after marriage. It is considered okay to do that. Society needs to pay attention to this, we as a society should raise our voices against this. Law needs to pay attention to this and make a severe, solid punishment for this. As it is equal to a murder or suicidal case.

Thank you!

Viramya Mishra


Because I liked it, so I am publishing it here. We should not forget that such incidents are happening even today.