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About Us

What is WOW India?

“Well-being of Women” This 21st century initiative is being run by the women for the women. Every willing women irrespective of cast, creed, educational or economic status can become its volunteer, who has passion to do something selflessly, without any personal gain for women.

Our Objectives

  • Efforts to create movement to make women self reliant
  • Efforts to make awareness movement for women to become physically, mentally, socially, economically and spiritually healthy.

Our Efforts for adolescent girls

  • Every girl should be free of anaemia. She should take healthy food at the right time. Physical exercise and yoga should be the part of her daily life.
  • Every girl should know as to when she should take advice from the doctor for her menstruation problems.
  • Every girl should understand that if there is a physical or mental assault on her in the family or in the society how she can cleverly escape from such situations by life skills.
  • Every girl should know about contraception, specially emergency contraceptives.

For women 20 to 40 years of age

  • Every women should be aware of bleeding problems, osteoporesis, hypertension, diabetes, increased cholesterol, obesity. She should become obsessed about her haemoglobin, right weight and BMI.
  • Every women should have full knowledge about pregnancy, how to get safe delivery and safe abortion so that she can safeguard her life from these two complications.
  • Every women also should be aware of when to take advice from the doctor for day to day problems like abnormal menstruation/ vaginal discharge/ Anaemia.
  • Every women should know five reasons for the untimely death of women i.e. Tuberculosis (Number-1), Suicide (Number-2), Low hemoglobin levels or anemia (Number-3), Pregnancy and, delivery related problems (Nuber-4), Cancer/ life style disease (Number-5).
  • It is necessary to get rid of all these problems or take timely action. Once the women is aware of the problems associated with it, she can safeguard herself against it or take proper treatment.
  • The main reason for suicide is stress. To remove stress all volunteers can gain from “Anandpath” and “Antarmatre” workshops. It is expected that the WOW India clubs will be able to bring about complete transformation of women’s attitude and perception of day today events which used to bother her.
  • Personality development workshops (“Neev 90”), Yoga and Pranayam workshops will be conducted for volunteers so that they will get an opportunity for self development and help 100 other women.

For women above 40 years of age

  • They will be adviced to go for annual health check ups. They will be also made aware of various medical and gynaecological health problems and their prevention and where to seek timely help. Awareness will be created about best medical practices to salve problems.
  • They will also be made aware of advantages of physical exercise, pranayam, healthy and balanced food and take steps to prevent osteoporosis, life style diseases. Every third women has potential to become diabetic and every fifth women will have problem of hypertension and hypothyroidism. 2/3 of women will have osteoporosis/ osteopenia.

Besides this they will also be given advice as to how one can keep the environment clean. Further they will be told to encourage their girls to go to schools and colleges, get same vocational training and become economically independent. Issues such as Female foeticide and dowry will be taken up by WOW India and necessary steps will be undertaken in the direction to remove these evils from society.

Every volunteer of WOW India will be independent to do any work for emancipation of women. Every volunteer will be LEADER and will be allowed to carry out their innovative ideas.

Come one and come all. Let us become the volunteers of WOW India. Take this opportunity to help ourselves and 100 other women, so that we can proudly proclaim that:-

“Yes we are fully healthy” and will help in the well being of all women” We cannot forget “Health is Wealth”

My commitment to myself and WOW India
» My weight should be normal ( 5ft=50 kg, 5′.5″=55kg ).
» My BMI should be between 19-25 (overweight > 27, obese >30, Morbid obese >35).
» My BP should be 120/80 (with or without medication).
» My blood sugar should be normal i.e. (<110- Fasting).
» My cholesterol should be <180 mg-1)
» I should practice yoga, pranayam and meditation and walk atleast 2-3 km daily.
» My bone health should be normal. I shall take balanced food.
» I shall go for annual checkup and take prescribed medication in time and go for regular follow up.
» I shall learn enough about Anaemia, contraception, emergency contraception, osteoporosis, mental stress management, bleeding problem and cancer in women etc.
» I shall learn”2 skills” to add value to myself and teach 100 other women and or volunteers the same.
Life is a gift and given to us once to let us make our journey a BlissfullPath !!
by helping ourselves to become healthy with positive attitude and add value to the life of 100 more women and girls

Life time membership will be Rs-100. Every WOW India club president has to motivate 100 volunteers for her club and each volunteer will guide and help 100 women and girls to become healthy: thus each clubwill help 10,000 women WOW Mantra.