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Blog: Two beautiful short poems

Two beautiful short poems

Two beautiful short poems

Editor’s note: These two beautiful short poems are written by Viramya Mishra of Manav Bharati Public School, Dehradun – a class 12th

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Yes! You can

Yes, you can
Yes, you can

Covering the road of my own destiny, 

Wondering where would we land? 

Thinking of tremendous fantasies, 

In the hope of “Just if I can”.


Nothing bothers if your aim is one! 

Focus on the goal instead of saying

“Just if I would have won!”


Running on the roads full of rattraps, 

Wondering why are they here? 

Just kick them off as if they are craps! 

That will be the action which will be fair. 


The Wind

Your breezy strokes are touching me

The wind
The wind

as if I would fly, 

The feeling which I get after waving hair

seems like a beautiful lie. 

Your invisibility makes me curious

as if you are a miracle, 

But your breezy magic is nothing less

than throwing away an emotional obstacle.

            Viramya Mishra, Class: – 12th PCB