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Blog: Homeopathy – A holistic specialized treatment option

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Homeopathy – A holistic specialized treatment option

Homeopathy – A holistic specialized treatment option

Homeopathy is an individualized mode of treatment which is tailor made for a particular patient. It was discovered more than two hundred years ago by a German doctor Dr. C S F Hahnemann. It is useful for a number of conditions and diseases.

The most interesting part about the treatment is that it can treat you even when you are not diagnosed with an illness but you have a lot of complaints. It can also treat you when you have one or many diseases diagnosed together. The homeopathic doctor asks you a detailed history of your complaints, your past medical history, your family history of diseases and your general symptoms. Based on this detailed history, your personal likes and dislikes, your sleep position etc. the doctor tries to understand what is wrong with your system and how it can be corrected.

The doctor prescribes medicines which have to be taken two or three times a day in pill form. These pills have very low-calorie value and are absolutely safe for diabetics as well. Sometimes weekly medicines are also given to boost your immunity so this prevents you from falling sick also. The doctor can manage your acute diseases as well as chronic diseases together. Regular treatment improves your quality of life and you understand your cause or causes of falling sick. Even if you have mental symptoms or emotional problems, the medicines can remove them without much delay.

The common myth about homeopathy being slow is no longer true because the treatment protocol is designed in a manner to give you speedy recovery. Another lesser known benefit of homeopathy is that it can treat problems which you forget to tell your doctor or which you are unaware of. If the treatment protocol suits you even those complaints that you never discussed would be taken care of over a period of time. This is because homeopathy acts on the functional level and the normal functioning of your organs is achieved.

It boosts your mental, spiritual, physical as well as emotional well-being and is the safest way to rediscover health.


 (Dr Priya Kapoor, BHMS, MD (Hom) is the is a Homeopathic consultant with over eighteen years of clinical experience. She is a graduate and post- graduate in Homeopathy from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, University of Delhi and Aurangabad respectively. She has the experience of working with a renowned homeopath Dr. Jugal Kishore for seven years and has been involved in researching and writing books on Homeopathy. She has the experience of working in Pushpanjali Crosslay hospital, now max Superspeciality for last ten years.)