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Blog: Sense of responsibility

Sense of responsibility

Sense of responsibility

We are greedy and love to have everything free. Fact remains that all that comes to us free, we don’t value that and waste it.

Dr. Sharda Jain
Dr. Sharda Jain

If the water comes free, we let it flow.

If electricity comes free, we let it burn.

If education comes free, we let it zoom of our scalp.

If healthcare comes free, we start living unhealthy life.

If food comes free, we waste it and put it in bin.

Anything that we pay for and the money is come through legitimate means, we become wiser and spend every penny as if it is a million dollar.

All above shows that we don’t lack intelligence to use resources but we most sincerely lack attitude to be responsible.

This lack of poor attitude is draining our nation so much so that those who deserve to get basics of life free remain deprived and remaining poor.

Imagine a situation where resources are utilised judiciously, there is no reason that even one fellow Indian shall remain deprived, illiterate, unhealthy, poor, hungry, downtrodden and productive to self and the nation.

We have to have a great sense of responsibility towards self, others and our Nation.

It is possible by giving up the greed of getting free, it is possible by having a sense of judicious use of resources, it is possible by having a sense of responsibility and above all it is possible to have a sense of proud, honest, diligent and result oriented Indians.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Dr. Sharda Jain