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Message 2009

Dr. Sharda Jain

Dr. Lakshmi Devi

Dear friends wow India is a unique organization and you (its volunteer) are a unique breed of human beings who have volunteered to look after “the women of India” Colleagues please come forward and spare just one hour of yours per week for the women of India.

Our women are still underprivileged.

  • Over 1 lakh women die every year of pregnancy and childbirth related causes in India.
  • 99% in developing countries (360 women die in India alone).
  • 1400maternal death each day.
  • About one death per minutes due to pregnancy complications in India.
  • MMR in India about 360-400 (upto 700 in some state) /100,000 births.
  • 25% due to bleeding,15% infection,12% PIH and eclampsia, 8% obstructed labour and 13% unsafe abortions.
  • 15% women get critical ill during pregnancy and will require critical medical care.
  • Only 34% of birth in our country are attended by skilled help.
  • ANC is available to only 62%
  • Only 15% delivery have doctor’s help.
  • India spend a mere 0.9% of GDP on health. Only 4 countries in the word are worse then us.
  • The neglected tragedy of MMR is not just a health problem, it is a fight equations of women’s human rights.

Unfortunately our health services still lag behind, specially for women. We need to take drastic actions.

It is time for all of us educated women to wake up and start thinking that our responsibility now extends toward other underprivileged girl rather than only taking care of ourselves and our family.

Let’s come together and make a new India where every woman is literate & healthier. We request you all to understand our social responsibility &

Work in following fields.

  • Educate women about hers & family’s health
  • Educate adolescent girls
  • Eradicate anemia for each member of family
  • Control population
  • Promote safe abortion & contraceptions
  • Detect cancer & HIV – AIDS
  • Plant a tree.