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When we are afflicted with a disease like malaria, we don't treat each symptom like fever, pain and shivering, one by one. We just treat the disease and the symptoms automatically vanish .So deal directly with the mind and symptoms like stress and strain will disappear. Meditation is mind management.

There is no attempt, however, to control the mind; the idea is to go beyond it. The mind is compared to monkey drunk with the wine of desire, stung by the scorpion of jealousy and possessed with the demon of pride. Lust, greed, jealousy, anger, ego, tensions, reaction, grudges, depression, stress and strain are, however, the symptoms and not the disease.

The common misconception is that meditation is concentration of mind and various techniques are taught to achieve this. Meditation has got no technique. There are techniques for concentration. Concentration is a mental exercise between the mind and the object of attention. But meditation is neither a mental exercise nor a practice. Meditation is a direct and natural process beyond the mind itself. Meditation is not concentration; it is the mother of concentration.

Remember, concentration is where one tries to control thoughts; while in meditation thoughts get dissolved naturally, enhancing your powers of concentration, memory, will, right thinking and fitness.

When your thought current is interrupted - which means that all thought are fixed on one object - it is concentration. But when the flow is uninterrupted, that is meditation. This is when the thought is not fixed on any one object, rather we just remain a non - doer and directly watch thoughts as a neutral energy without any judgement, analyses, participation, visualization, imagination, contemplation, suppression, repression, condemnation or concentration. Meditation is a non - doing entity where you are simply a seer, witness. You are an observer of the mind's happening. To watch is our true nature. It is a natural, non - doing state. No effect is required to watch. We all have full potential to look within directly as we all are blessed with the 'Third Eye'.

Meditation is mind management. It is not forcing the mind to be quiet. It is to find the quiet that is there already. We are children of bliss. We suffer from stress and strain because we gave all the power to the mind and made it our master. Not only that, we consider ourselves noting but the mind.

Mind is matter. It has no power of its own. It is useful in the external world but in the spiritual, internal world, it has to be overcome. Otherwise we will be the victims of mental and physical diseases. Meditation is seeing the mind as a witness, a neutral energy. It is not interfering with the intricacies and doing of mind. Just be a seer, be a witness. We just stay in our own source, in our true nature: All-bliss.

We are happy when the mind is cheerful. We are depressed when the mind is gloomy. We are at the mercy of the mind that waxes and wanes. We consider ourselves nothing but mind. It is blasphemy to consider ourselves as victims of an unforeseen incident when the unending Bliss is flowing within all of us. Meditation is mind management. Meditation is homecoming. (ANHAD MEIN VISHRAM) (BY DR. SHARDA JAIN /MS. LAXMI).