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Waste Management Workshop

Recycle your trash or trash your future

Yesterday, on 11th September, a workshop on Waste Management was organized by WOW India & Delhi Gynaecologist Forum, titled "Recycle your trash or trash your future" in Solitaire Public School, I. P. Extension. The program was started with the introduction of workshop and greetings of Onam, Anant Chaturdashi and Dashalakshani Parva by the General Secretary of WOW India Dr. Purnima Sharma. After that, Dr. S. Lakshmi Devi, President WOW India, narrated the story of Onam and congratulated the audience for Onam.

Then main program was started, in which Sandhya Maheshwari, Shivani Tyagi and Mrs. Beena from Green Club gave some useful information about Waste Management - How many types of garbage we have in our houses and how we can use this as a resource or recycle it so that there is minimal damage to the environment. What is the need of segregation and how we can do it? Once segregate, then what next?How we can compile kitchen waste into compost by using a simple earthen pot inside our house without any bad smell, only the smell of clay or soil. They also emphasized on reducing use of single use plastics etc...

Aster this, Rekha Asthana, a member of WOW India Surya Nagar recited a poem and suggested that we should stop polythene bags and should take clothes bags with us whenever we go to market for shopping. Rekha Asthana, Archana Garg and some other members are doing awareness program in their locality, under which they prepare clothe bags and go to the markets and give them to the people who vary polythene bags with them just for an awareness.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Banu Bansal, Vice President WOW India.

Here are some photographs...