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The Importance of Friendship

Misunderstandings are like thorns. The longer stay, the more harm they cause. Be kind and supportive, specially when things go wrong. Appreciate your friends qualities enjoy the company.

Friendship weaves the fabric of life and make life worth living. Friendship have to be nurtured and cared for like, plants in your garden. Love, commitment, loyalty, honesty, are the main ingredients of a friendship. They are the binding factors.

  • Never try to test a friendship. It could create misunderstanding and cervices in the edifice
  • Try to give more than receive more than receiver.
  • Try to understand before misunderstanding
  • Misunderstanding are like thorns. The longer they stay the more harm they cause
  • Be kind and supportive especially when things go wrong. Appreciate your friend for his/her qualities. It means a lot, when it comes from a friend
  • Let there be no room for petty jealousies and envy. We do that many times, without realizing it
  • Encourage your friend when she has failed or faltered in her/his steps. This gives a feeling of comfort and stability in a relationship
  • Don't be on fault finding mission. Do correct her, gently, lovingly, in private, not in public
  • Do not make use of your friendship and connections. It puts both into an uncomfortable position and can prove a detriment to the relationship. There's a saying. " The bigger the favour, the bigger the obligation.
  • Good friendship are the emotional shock absorbers in every of life. We have built in shock absorbers in every vehicle we drive, which serve as a physical protection for the vehicle and save us from bumps on the road.
  • Create good friendships, you don't need to have a 100, even 1 or 2 genuine friends are enough. They enrich life. Friendship make life beautiful because in the face of adversity, they are a beacon of light, a lighthouse, in the middle of darkness. Good friendships make life worth living are more precious than wealth.